Why I built a blog in the age of Youtube

July 17th, 2021

3 mins read

Why I built a blog in the age of Youtube

My objective in making a blog is to inspire people and share knowledge with other developers.

This is done through a series of articles such as tutorials that tackle a specific problem; news about a new technology or something I discover; or progress updates on one of my projects where I also explain the process.

But why a blog, not Youtube?

An article is easier to write than making a video. No recording and no editing means I can get it out there faster, and help people earlier. That is not the only reason though, as I also enjoy making videos on Youtube.

A blog is search engine optimized better than a Youtube video. Yes, there is some SEO with Youtube videos, especially if you make proper subtitles, but I think plain text is much more effective for the Google algorithm.

You also can't copy and paste from a Youtube video. I think that when following a tutorial, most people would love to be able to copy and paste code and be done quickly. I don't recommend copying and pasting code by the way. Writing it out will help you learn more.

You don't always have time to watch a video tutorial, especially if you want to get something fixed quickly. Most Youtube videos take too many minutes to explain something which could be said in a few paragraphs. That's why I make my Youtube videos very short and straight to the point.

Many people feel awkward about watching Youtube videos at the workplace, even if they are doing it to be productive. Colleagues might assume you're slacking if they see you on Youtube.

A blog is also structured better in my opinion, as it is focused on a small scope of things, instead of all kinds of entertainment and education. It's also easy to get stuck on Youtube, going from one video to another.

That being said, I still love Youtube, both as a creator and a consumer, and I don't think a blog and Youtube are mutually exclusive, in fact, I make videos, so make sure to subscribe to my channel.