About Duane Creates

Duane Creates

I create digital experiences which increase business and online growth.

My passion for building awesome digital projects include web development, design, and social media marketing.

I graduated my BSc (Hons) in Software Development from MCAST, Malta, in 2018. I've been working with several companies locally since before that. I learned most of what I know through solo projects out of my own initiative and self interest, and also by working with companies in various industries. I've worked with teams of different sizes and have been exposed to all phases and parts of a software project.

As my experience grew, I started to appreciate the frontend of a web project more. I love building visually, and I think it is super important that an app is not only beautiful to look at, but also usable by different kinds of people. This led me to work mostly on the frontend when working in teams, and full-stack on solo or freelance projects.

I'm based on a 316 km² rock in the Mediterranean called Malta. Great weather, country, and life.

Duane Creates

What am I currently doing?

I share my progress, experiences and findings as a web developer and aspiring independent game developer on Instagram to inspire, motivate and guide others. There's an awesome community of like-minded people out there; People who want to learn and grow. My favourite community is #devinitelyhealthy, which promotes a healthy lifestyle along with learning and improving oneself for a better future, where goals are crushed and ambitions are fulfilled.

Recently, I started learning about game development as it is one of my dreams to make games and become an independent game dev. I am even documenting my journey and progress of my first video game project on Twitter, so you should check that out if you're interested. I've been focusing on low poly 3D and Unity3d as the game engine of choice.

When I'm offline, I like reading books. Books can teach you a lot, as they provide a structured system of knowledge. Many people who reached big successes read, there is a pattern. Not all books are great, but I have a few favourite ones and others which are in my reading list.

The reason why I made this blog is to help as much people as I can. That's why I'm also on YouTube to reach more people, and now this blog! I hope you find my content useful and I would love to get your feedback.

What's planned for the future?

I plan to keep working on side projects, such as free tools that devs can use, while creating web development content that might help a lot of developers. I will be making my own games which is a big learning journey as I have little experience in that area. I think my passion for games and programming will help a lot in that regard. Finally, I will be providing my services on web development to pay the bills.

I love documenting my journey, so if you want to stay updated on my experiences, follow my game dev and web dev journeys on social media. See you around.