Blog goes 🚀

Blog goes 🚀


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Finally, the day has come that I say "no more!" to the blog's codebase, this branch is done!

It's been a while since I said I'm working on a blog, but working on it on the side, while fighting my inner perfectionist, I finally did enough to be happy with an MVP version.

That's why I appreciate your feedback, and please let me know if you see any issues, because this blog is not yet finished from the development perspective.

I created this blog because I wanted to reach more people. I've been focusing mostly on Instagram, and later doing some YouTube, but I'm hoping that people looking on Google can stumble here.

Another reason why I decided to create this blog is because I wanted to try Gridsome, so the perfect pilot project was a blog!

I plan to post about my developer journey here, but not as frequently as I do on my Instagram, of course.

I also want to post technical / tutorial posts mostly about web development topics such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Vue.js, TailwindCSS and maybe some Laravel. That's my main tech stack after all.

Anyways, this is just the introduction, and I hope I get to see you here another time. Please subscribe to my newsletter in the footer so that you will be notified about future posts, otherwise, how can I ever see you here again you magnificent human?!